NGA POU - Transforming

Transforming strategic planning into action

The concept of ‘Pou’ became apparent early on in a number of wānanga held by Wikuki Te Uranga o Te Ra Kingi, Puroku Fraser Tawhai, and Bob Nga Whakaaro Simon in the early 1990's. The Pou concept was multi-dimensional: as a Tohunga Whakairo Wikuki saw the spiritual and cultural significance that Pou have in conveying messages and providing a base or pillar of strength. Another reason came from the 28th Maori battalion organisational ‘Command and control’ structure, with the use of smaller units carrying out specific tasks under a larger organisation, for the purpose of achieving a common goal. Nga Pou provide a creative template and formula for marae and community development; a flax-roots lead organisation striving for self-determination and better outcomes for our people.

Nga Pou have management / action committees established to carry out specific goals and objectives under the vision of marae and community development. These Pou are divided into areas of community need which are activated by the Marae Trustees and lead by designated members of the Marae Committee. The Pou have the ability to outsource expertise where required and be proactive in seeking opportunities where and when they arise.

The Pou are outlined here:

POU Tikanga

  • To establish the Tikanga of Marae, ethic, protocol, demonstrating integrity and trust
  • To develop initiatives that protect the cultural rights and responsibilities of our whānau
  • To conserve, develop and disseminate knowledge through teaching, learning and research.

POU Mātauranga

  • To advance knowledge including Tohungatanga, Mātauranga Maori, traditional knowledge and contemporary understandings of Te Ao Maori
  • To develop and support projects that educate and enhance skills, abilities and competencies that focus on the advancement of our whānau POU Rehia
  • To care for our rangatahi and their whānau and provide appropriate facilities for them

POU Rehia

  • To care for our rangatahi and their whānau and provide appropriate facilities for them
  • To provide engaging programs including recreation and sport, kapa haka, and traditional games

POU Oranga

  • To enhance the health and wellbeing of our whānau and communities through projects, services, programmes and initiatives with the best resources and facilities possible
  • To advance the social, physical, mental and emotional well-being of our whānau through the sustainable development of well-resourced high-performing providers

POU Huarakau

  • To provide a space and place for enterprise and entrepreneurial endeavour to flourish as we seek sustainable economic development for the Marae and our whanau
  • To foster, develop and support initiatives that allow whānau to improve their economic self-determination through projects that enhance their skills and abilities to develop as social entrepreneurs

POU Whakaruruhau

  • To provide shelter and refuge and social justice programmes for our whānau and communities
  • To support initiatives such as ‘Marae Justice’ that provide culturally appropriate ways of looking after our challenging and vulnerable populations

POU Whenua

  • To care for land and natural resources for our whānau, and to develop satellites for the Marae